Resources for Abusive Partners


Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship?

There is help for you and your partner! Peaceful relationships are possible.


There is a strong community that can help you! We know domestic violence is a learned behavior and can be unlearned with the right tools and support. Our programs are proven to help people create more peace in their relationships and learn to be free of violence.

ManKind      415.924.1070

If you are a man who has concerns about his own violence, call our men’s hotline number, and visit our ManKind Program pages for support and prevention strategies.

WomanKind    415.526.2552

If you are a woman who is concerned about her own violence, please call WomanKind to learn about classes that might help. Classes are offered Monday evenings.

We offer support groups for women to find community in dealing with unhealthy relationships. Call our hotline to learn more!

Resources and links:

Am I Abusive.....6 Types of Abuse.pdf

Am I Abusive.....Questions to Answer for Yourself.pdf

Abuse in Relationships is.....pdf

Three Skills for Healthy & Equal Relating.pdf

Penal Code Definition of Domestic Violence.doc

Pattern of Abuse Diagram.pdf