Resources for Abusive Partners


Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship?

You can change your behavior today! Peaceful relationships are possible.


There is a strong community that can help you end your unhealthy behavior.

ManKind      415.924.1070

If you are a man who has concerns about his own violence, call our men’s hotline number, and visit our ManKind Program pages for support and prevention strategies.

WomanKind    415.526.2552

If you are a woman who is concerned about her own violence, please call WomanKind to learn about classes that might help. Classes are offered Monday evenings.

Resources and links:

Am I Abusive.....6 Types of Abuse.pdf

Am I Abusive.....Questions to Answer for Yourself.pdf

Abuse in Relationships is.....pdf

Three Skills for Healthy & Equal Relating.pdf

Penal Code Definition of Domestic Violence.doc

Pattern of Abuse Diagram.pdf