Public Policy

Center for Domestic Peace takes a leadership role in developing new county, state, and national policy initiatives to prevent and end domestic abuse and protect the rights of abused women and girls. Center for Domestic Peace is a founding member of the California Alliance Against Domestic Violence (CAADV).

Marin County:  Center for Domestic Peace trains hundreds of law enforcement and medical agencies, schools, churches, and community groups.  This training helps improve numerous community-wide emergency, housing, health care, and legal systems for responding to domestic violence. 

Statewide California: Center for Domestic Peace drafts and helps pass legislation that increases the effectiveness of domestic violence intervention. Work also focuses on increasing funding from the California Department of Emergency Management and the California Department of Public Health for domestic violence programs, as well as on statewide planning for effective use of the funds.

Nationally: Center for Domestic Peace worked to pass the Violence Against Women Act, part of the federal Crime Victims Bill. This bill created new funds to carry out services for rape and domestic violence victims and to implement training programs with police departments and court officials to prosecute batterers.

Internationally: Center for Domestic Peace helped to establish the first batterer’s reeducation program in Europe. Presentations were made at the first International Conference on Violence Against Women in Eastern Europe. In addition to the technical assistance we provide to international domestic violence organizations, on-site assistance is given to visiting scholars and activist from around the world.