Message from the Executive Director

Donna Garske, Executive Director, Center for Domestic Peace

A Vision of Domestic Peace

Evolution – defined as “a process is which something passes by degrees to a different state, especially a more advanced or mature stage” – is a word fitting for the beginning of a story about the progression of MAWS over time.  It is a word that tells the story of where the organization started, how it has unfolded, where it is now, and where it might go in the future.

For more than three decades MAWS has provided a wide range of emergency services, counseling, support and advocacy for thousands of women and their children who have experienced the devastation of domestic violence. As we learned more about the growing problem of domestic violence and the corresponding need for services, education, and prevention, we expanded  to include  strategies to promote more community involvement for solving the problem of domestic violence  and to reach new and diverse audiences, such as men and boys, youth and teens,  and non-English speakers. As our expertise and leadership capacity has evolved, we have grown into an organization that also serves the broader community, such as law enforcement, educators, health professionals, employers, and the legal and faith-based communities.

Constituents far beyond Marin have also benefited from a variety of MAWS trainings throughout California and across the country. Our consultation and collaboration with other groups throughout the nation has informed and positively affected the outcomes of domestic violence policies and the development of model prevention programs.  

The evolution of our work helped to define the need for a comprehensive identity that includes our current and future efforts and truly reflects the breadth of issues, solutions and constituents we address. Our evolution also called us to lead with our vision for change. Center for Domestic Peace as the new organizational name is that reflection, and that vision.

There are more avenues and opportunities to pursue as Center for Domestic Peace fulfills its purpose to “ mobilizes individuals and communities to create safety, justice, and equality, transforming our world so domestic violence no longer exists”.  Along the way, current services and programs will remain intact as Center for Domestic Peace finds its roots within the rich soil and legacy of everything we have achieved up to this milestone.

Moving forward with clarity of purpose and, with insight for generating even greater achievements in the years ahead requires continued involvement from our supporters, collaborators and the community as a whole.  Together, let us look to the day when “domestic peace” is understood as an essential ingredient at the “center” of creating a world of peace.

-- Donna Garske, Executive Director