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What is Mankind?

Center for Domestic Peace offers a pioneering program called ManKind that teaches men to unlearn abusive behavior and become men and fathers of peace in their intimate relationships.

Domestic violence is a learned behavior that can be unlearned when given the correct tools and understanding of ones own violence.  Some ManKind class participants are mandated to attend by the courts, others voluntarily sign up. More information about the classes can be found on the Mankind webpage.

Since its founding in 1980, ManKind has helped over 28,500 men. Annually, around 100 men take the classes.

How much does it cost?

The costs per classes depend on participant’s income; it can be anywhere from $25.00 per class to $125.00. A two-hour weekly class for 52 weeks of participation are required for completion.  If mandated by the courts, participant must come in on a weekly basis and only 3 unexcused absences are allowed during the year. Center for Domestic Peace's general fund subsidises costs not covered by fees to ensure that any man in need of services can receive help.

Why invest?

ManKind works for men who are committed to doing the work. With proven data of reduce recidivism rates and many stories directly from men who have completed the program, we know ManKind can end the controlling behavior that leads to domestic violence. We have witnessed the healing of families, the changing of belief systems that lead to safer, healthier relationships and the joy and freedom that men receive from re-connecting to their authentic selves.

Your investment will contribute to the annual fee for men who cannot afford the sliding scale for this 52-week program. Please help us ensure that men who are committed to learning new tools and skills through ManKind aren't denied the opportunity to become the partners and fathers they want to be.

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  • $25 covers the fee for one class for one man.
  • $100 covers a month of classes for one man.
  • $600 covers half of the program's fees for a man.
  • $1200 underwrites an entire year for a man!

Any amount is most welcome! Thank you!

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