Education and Prevention

Marin Youth Services

Center for Domestic Peace has a long history of engaging youth, men, and members of different community groups (including workplaces and faith leaders) in prevention and organizing efforts designed to end violence against women and girls, domestic violence, teen dating abuse and bullying.

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Past Events:

1. Healing Children’s Wounds of Witnessing Domestic Violence

Nationally acclaimed author and child maltreatment expert, and 20 year intervention specialist with abusive men and their families.

February 27, 2015
Embassy Suites, 101 McInnis Parkway,
San Rafael, CA 94903


  • How to offer the most effective and safe assistance possible to children;
  • How to require change for the abuser;
  • The dynamics of emotional injury and recovery in children;
  • What about for the human rights of victims and their children?

2. Becasue We Have Daughters

Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9:00 AM - Friday, March 29, 2013 at 3:00 PM. Oakland, CA

Transforming Communities: Technical Assistance, Training & Resource Center (TC-TAT) is excited to offer a train-the-trainer event facilitated by the Atlanta-based organization Men Stopping Violence (MSV).

This two day training will introduce participants to the Because We Have Daughters® (BWHD) program and will provide comprehensive training on how to facilitate and administer the BWHD program. This training is open to all domestic violence practitioners in California.
For more information, and to register, visit:

3. Faith Summit Shares Prevention Best Practices

Center for Domestic Peace's national training center, Transforming Communities (TC-TAT), held a statewide summit on Nov. 2-3, 2010 in Marin – bringing together faith leaders and domestic violence advocates from around California.  The summit facilitated a transfer of knowledge gained through TC-TATs eight-year project, Faith Collaboratives for Community Change.  

With funding from the California Department of Public Health, TC-TAT first launched this project in 2002 to build partnerships between faith communities and domestic violence leaders.  During the first six years, TC-TAT provided training to nearly 1,000 faith leaders and advocates via workshops in 43 cities.   Over the past two years, with funding from the Blue Shield of California Foundation, TC-TAT has facilitated 22 diverse faith teams in implementing prevention action plans.  This included a local companion effort, funded by Marin Community Foundation, in which a Marin team carried out a prevention campaign during the 2010 Season for Nonviolence.  

The November summit, supported by all three previous funders, conveyed the best practices and results of the eight-year project. 

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Respect for All Collaborative

Center for Domestic Peace formed the Respect for All Collaborative (RAC) in 1998 in partnership with the Marin County Office of Education.   RAC engages teachers, youth, and administrators to create a culturally-conscious, “whole community” strategy for reducing and preventing youth violence in its many forms, including bullying. School-based prevention education is one component of RAC, which teaches youth strategies to stop bullying and teen dating abuse.  It provides youth with alternatives to violence through healthy and equal relating strategies, known as HERS.  Center for Domestic Peace has presented the RAC curriculum in approximately 15 different Marin middle and high schools.  Evaluation data shows that youth who were trained in HERS are more likely to do something to respond to, or prevent, some form of abuse, including that committed by a parent or sibling.  

Athletes as Allies

Athletes as Allies is a sports-based male athletic prevention strategy that actively addresses harassment, bullying, and abuse in the Marin school system.  The program involves athletes, coaches, parents, booster, school staff, and district personnel in organizing action teams to directly confront school cultures that condone or, at the very least, ignore the ongoing mistreatment of students by their peers.  Using the HERS framework, Athletes as Allies engages team members in learning to become role models in recognizing and preventing bullying and dating violence in their own lives, as well as in changing the community’s culture to eliminate bullying and dating violence. Athletes also learn to practice healthy and equal relating among players from competing sports teams.

Education in Workplaces

Center for Domestic Peace offers training for employees and management/executive members to address the issue of domestic violence and the workforce.  Through this training, management staff  learns to determine when domestic violence is taking place and to support affected employees through sound policies and management procedures.  Employees learn how to identify domestic violence, develop safety options, change behaviors, and develop healthy and equal relationships. Contact us for more information: 415.457.2464.