Community Responsiveness

As Center for Domestic Peace has learned more about the growing problem of domestic violence and the corresponding need for services, education, and prevention, we expanded to include strategies to promote more community involvement for solving the problem.

CCR to DV Network
Supported by our leadership, the Marin Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Network (CCR to DV Network) links Marin County government, criminal justice, and other agencies to strengthen emergency response and intervention services and programs.

Professional Training
Center for Domestic Peace provides professional training to groups such as law enforcement, nurses, psychologists, medical staff, mental health providers, schools, churches, workplaces and community groups.

Continuing education credits are available through Center for Domestic Peace. For more information, please contact 415.457.2464.

Voces de Cambio
Voces de Cambio (Voices of Change) is a community group comprised of domestic violence victims who have formerly used Center for Domestic Peace’s services. Voces’ self-organizing strategy is to reach culturally-isolated Spanish-speaking women experiencing domestic violence through information, education and community organizing to promote their safety and protection.  For this group, participation in community-driven efforts serves as an important bridge from victimization to action, and helps to maintain our community’s ability to prevent and respond to domestic violence. For more information on the success of this program, click here.


C4DP offers trainings on how agencies and groups can respond better to domestic violence. Learn more about our trainings of the DV Response Protocols That Save Lives. dv_response_protocols_that_save_lives.pdf